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Before you go:

  • Pray regularly
  • Prepare your testimony and practice it
  • Think about your response to some of the questions you might get asked
  • Prepare some activities to do in worship eg drama/mime/songs/sermon
  • But think also about how you might encourage the missionaries eg some devotional time spent with them and their children
  • Decide how you are going to organise your group sharing time while you are overseas (while you'll need to be flexible with this, it is good to have a plan)
  • Spend some time thinking about what might be spiritually different
  • Determine as a group what the aims of your mission trip are - and how you are going to work together to achieve them

While you are away:

  • Try and maintain (or develop) your personal spiritual life - set aside time to pray and read you bible
  • Use a journal - it is a great tool to assist your continued learning (and sharing) when you get back
  • Personally and as a group reflect theologically together
  • Work towards the achievement of your mission aims
  • Spend time praying and sharing together
  • Deal with conflict as it arises
  • Always try and be an encouragement to your Christian brothers and sisters
  • Don't forget that ensuring you get enough sleep will help you maintain your "emotional and spiritual balance"

When you come back:

  • Pray regularly
  • Tell the story of your trip to your church and to other groups who may be interested
  • Say thank you to the people who supported you
  • Write to thank the missionaries and the national people who helped make your trip happen
  • If you said you would send photographs to people overseas then do send them
  • Spend some time debriefing with other team members
  • Take the time to decide if you want to make the changes in your life you thought you would when you were overseas